Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Live in Harmony

Hi! I've been playing Robot Unicorn on adultswim for HOURS.. i love that game and the song!! I downloaded it ahahaha it's called Always by Erasure. It's actually really funny in the sense that it's in the game and it's a joke, but the song has been stuck in my head. The title is actually a lyric from the song haha. So I'm wearing a blue blouse from h&m purchased for $20, high waisted black American apparel shorts purchased for $48, and the brown loafers were thrifted for $6! The belt is from my mother's surprisingly desirable closet! The bag is from Aldo Accessories, purchased for around $70.. I'm wearing a few bracelets and just one ring. The rosemary was given to me by my mother about a year ago. That's about it! Pretty simple today :) I can't wait for the artwalk here Downtown tomorrow night!! I've been spending hours for the past week thinking of what to wear and how to make my hair!! I think I'm going to leave it natural like it is today. You'll see tomorrow what outfit I ended up wearing. I promise it's going to be beaut!

Have a wonderful day!






Isabel Spectre said...

this is really nice. I like the simplicity of it. great shoes, nice thrifting find. also those shorts are like.. really great. I just cant get enough of black denim high waist shorts. I want to wear mine every day. also your belt with them is sah-weet. Have fun tomorrow! I love arty things that take place downtown.

M e l a n i e said...

Simple but cute. =) I like your bag too. Thank you very much for visiting my blog!

I V Y said...

shoes and bag, super cute.


Isabel Spectre said...

yo, I am like 100% sure I commented on this post, but blogger was being sooo messed up the past couple of days, it probably deleted it. I really like your shorts! black denim shorts = best invention in the world. also that bag is rad :)

Hipsandbones said...

i agree with isabel (:
i'm prrrrretty sure i commented on this post but blogger was all screwed up and dead so it didn't save it! i love the simplicity in this and the bag! and you have a new follower (;