Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tune Yards

black crushed velvet leggings - Miracle Eye // kimono throw-over shawl - santee alley // tee - wasteland // boots - Miracle Eye // hat - vintage // jewelry - mixed vintage and handmade

I'm officially the most inconsistent blogger. I guess it's a mix of me wearing this outfit (as seen in this post) basically every day, the only variation being different t-shirts everyday, and working from home for Miracle Eye. I don't go out everyday and I'm learning to appreciate being home, something I used to hate. I'm also learning that staying home on Friday nights can be very fun and going out isn't necessary anymore. My depression has also almost completely subdued (yay), and I think that's playing a huge role in this new lifestyle.

The other thing that has really stopped me from going out a lot are just the unbelievable amount of cat calls and other disgusting things that I get shouted at while living in the city. It makes me physically nauseous and sick to the stomach. I totally advise everyone, especially dudes (if any dudes read this thing????), to read this article about cat calling. It breaks down the process of a cat call, from beginning to end, if that makes any sense. It explains WHY they are so hurtful and terrible and cause woman to doubt themselves, and especially how disrespectful it is.


Anonymous said...

what a lovely hat!
looks great on you !

Taylor said...

I've found the best way to help myself and not let my depression get the best of me, is to simply just be me and be me in my own home, in the quiet, around people who love me. And to learn to appreciate my own company (which I almost prefer 99.9% of the time hahah)

And um how the hell do you pull off this hat so fantastically?! And ugh this outfit is so relaxed and comfortable looking!! You are seriously such a babe <3

Holly-Bella said...

I've got serious love for that hat. And your blog! Following on bloglovin <3

FiveDimesForNineLives said...

Great hat!


Caitlan Hammond said...

Ahh depression that weird little word. That is so amazing to hear that it is subdued as has mine although it tries to come back but I just do all the little things that make me happy to keep it away :D

Yes Taylor and I were discussing how well you pull off the hat, quote Taylor (I'm sure she won't mind) "Larissa makes wearing the hat look so effortless" and then we tried to put it on and ended up looking like idiots hahaha

This outfit looks so effin' comfy love it! <3

abigailalicex said...

Love the outfit here! The cap looks great!

N. said...

nice look. :)

Diana Horsfall said...

awesome look

Laura Mora said...

I'm also learning to having fun staying at home in weekends.
I love your cap!