Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Reeling

Hey hey hey (Fat Albert reference)! So here I'm wearing a pair of purple shorts purchased at my local thrifty for $5, the top was thrifted as well for $6, it's adorable! I'm also wearing my Docs, my brown cross necklace, and a few rings aand bracelets. The 2nd necklace I'm wearing I actually won a giveaway on a fellow blogger's blog! Her name is Isabel and her blog is GREAT. She approaches fashion in a really different way that I like. Very daring at the least, I love it. Click here for it! It's a small jar necklace containing mint tea! It's soo cute and I've already gotten TONS of compliments on it!! 

Have a wonderful day!

Black and white top - $6 thrifted
Purple denim high waist shorts - $5 thrifted
Brown cross - $2 from eBay
Mint tea jar necklace - won from a giveaway from HERE 









Haley said...

the shorts! the shirt! the docs!
youre gorgeous

Lizelisabeth said...

Hi there honey! Oh I love your purple short jeans!! Adorable! Keep your chicness, beautiful!! And thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! It means huge to me! Following your blog now! ;D

Hug and kiss kiss,

Cylia said...

lovelove the shorts:)

Isabel Spectre said...

aay the necklace looks great!! Also, this whole outfit is like.. hella awesome. those shorts... give them to me. have a good weekend, girl!

Dana Paramita said...

i love your outfit! <3
btw check mine if you have a chance :)

mari b. said...

this look is full of radness.
purple always makes me go yay!


Violetta E. said...

so cute!

Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

cute cute cute!!!

Crazy little things said...

nice outfit!
Take careee

Violetta E. said...

so lovely :)