Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in France right now with 18 other people currently! So far it has been AMAZING. So so fucking great. I can't even explain how incredible everything is.. The people are all so attractive. Like the men, women, and children, they're all so pretty looking! I have eaten a few sandwiches and tons of bread and cheese, heh. I don't have too much time right now, but I'm posting this right now right before I pass out since there's free wi-fi at this hotel we're staying at. Not sure If I'm going to be able to post as we're going to different hotels throughout the week because we're visiting towns all over France and not just Paris. Anyways, I took these photos in the states on my last day. I hope you're all having a wonderful week because I sure as hell I am. I've taken so many photos so far, so I'll have a lot of selecting work to do, but I'll be sure to post my favorite photos on here. Man, France is so great.. I want to stay here. I can actually communicate with people because I paid attention in French class my first two years of high school, ha. I guess what you learn in high school really can help you in the real world!

Red Hawaiian sleeveless dress - from my local thrifty
Vintage khaki Mustang jacket - Repose at the Melrose trading post (His Etsy store available is here)
Brown sunglasses Miracle Eye
Brown belt - hand me down
Blue eyes bracelet Miracle Eye
Black creepers - online


Anonymous said...


Magnet said...

aaaah FRANCE SOUNDS AMAZING. Can't waait to see photos! What else is amazing? Ah yes, the way you look in these photos! Your hair matches so perfectly with the dress. Your hair looks great btw, the colour is faaaabulous.

LaceandPearls said...

Love the creepers!


Rachel Louisa. said...

Thumbs up for France, it's awesome - glad you're enjoying it!

Love your style and look forward to the Paris photos.

Lydia said...

I can't wait to see pics from France!! I took three years of french in school and now all I can really remember is how to order a ham sandwich. I also took two years of spanish in high school, plus four semesters of it in college, AND my grandmother is Cuban, and I still don't fucking know spanish. If you don't really use it, you lose it!!!

Isabel said...

That's a dress with personality. Period. Not really a fan of the creepers but you actually pulled them off alright :)

"I" is Isabel

Georgia said...

ahh so happy to come across your blog!!!

Georgia said...

ahh so happy to come across your blog!!!

Laura said...

Love your outfit! I hope you have the best time! I'm glad you can communicate. people kept telling me I didn't have to brush up on my highschool French before I went there because everyone there spoke English but that really wasn't true. :[

Taylor said...

Love the shoes and hair!

Ansma said...

love your hair !


Bespoke Biddie said...

your dress is lovely have i told you i am gaga over your hair color yet?


Anonymous said...

Hi Larissa, can you dispense some style advice please?

What would you wear with a blue crushed velvet skirt of midi length?

Thankoo and say have fun in France! :)

Violet E. said...

omg, you`re amazing <3

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

loveee your dress! <3

Andrew said...

oh my gosh that dress is amaaaazing

Emma Matthews said...

Your style is amazing, I love the glasses. Hope you have a lovely time in France.

Emma x

Christian said...


♩ I love all those pictures in your blog. Very nice layout.
Clean and beautiful. ヽ( ^∀^)ノ

★ blog → www.christianyuen.blogspot.com

inês prates said...

I totally love your style! really really amazing!


Anonymous said...

Cool belt! It goes great with the vintage hawaiian dress. Loves it!

Hybrid Hunter

Liana said...

this whole look is just badass and i love that Hawaiian dress! hope your trip is amazing; btw i just noticed we have the same color hair! ;p


CULTstyle said...

Love your dress X


Amy said...

I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award, all the details are on my blog! xx