Thursday, April 25, 2013


grommet top - coming soon to Miracle Eye // skirt - Captain's Helm + DIY // eyeball ring - c/o Glow Worm Shop // all other rings and jewelry - vintage from flea markets or Etsy // sunglasses - coming soon to Miracle Eye // Harley boots - vintage

Can't wait to shoot a bunch of new things we have lined up for Miracle Eye.. more grommet tops like these, sunglasses, tons of dresses with bell sleeves, more bell bottoms in different fabrics, and so much new vintage. Typing that all out has motivated me more to set dates with my models. Boy was that easy!

Also also: I heard that Google Reader, the service that basically my entire readership uses, will be shutting down sometime next week(?) This sucks major ass, not just because I'm going to lose the 808 followers that I've garnered since I began blogging, but because I also personally use this service to follow tons and tons of blogs.. Probably the worst news I've heard in a while. Anyways, I highly urge you to follow me on Bloglovin' now since that's the only other method I also have on my blog for my followers to use. Major major bummer. You can follow me on Bloglovin' here, if you still would like to continue receiving updates when I post new things on this blog. Anyways, have an awesome Thursday, folks.


Isabel Hendrix said...


Ulrikke Eleonora said...

and yeah the google thing is shit. I'm not sure i even like bloglovin!!

Daniel said...

can't believe google reader is going to be gone omg !!
I didn't know about it !
I just checked your miracle eye store and it's look great !!!!v
I like how all your rings in every finger !!
I've got a jewellery giveaway on my blog that you might like!!

Selena said...

if it is in fact Google Reader that is shutting down, then I am pret sure you won't lose your followers. Google Friend Connect is what you'd have to worry about. But I really just came here to stalk your awesomeness. ILY.

Carlota pipoca said...

Cool photos!

Aleksandra said...

Pretty good post! I like it very much!
I love your hair! fantastic!!
Kisses from Poland :*

and my blog...

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