Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Knew You in the Harsh Realm

I finally got a fringe (front bangs)!!!! And I cut them myself at 3 in the morning! Woop woop saved myself $10-$25 right there depending on which salon I would have ended up going to. This look is very new for me! Not similar to any of my older posts at allllllll! Maybe just the wearing of a velvet top with a skirt bottom, but everything else is completely new! I was going for a kind of cyber-romantic feel. It took me 20 minutes at the least, a bottle of hairspray, and 19 bobby pins to get the two top buns on my head to stop falling off or look droopy! And I am damn proud ahaha :') I kind of felt like Princess Leia for a day, but dressed 10x better! I am kind of already sick of my front bangs, but I can't do anything except wait for them to grow. What do you think? I will include a terrible quality photo at the end of my hair down and flying string cheese! I also purchased this amazing pink nail polish and I'm not even one usually into bright colors on my nails, but it's so perfect!!

Have a wonderful weekend mis amigos/amigas!
PS don't forget to enter the Miracle Eye giveaway here if you haven't already!

Planet Hollywood Skirt - DIY
Velvet crop top -
Daisies flutter blouse - $10 from the Melrose Trading Post
Leopard creepers - $60 from
All jewelry - Vintage
Nooka watch - $103 from



Ms. Fitz said...

BANGZ 4 LYF. And I really like cheese sticks too.

Olivia Olivia said...

Aw, thanks!! To bad, really loved it! But im still up for the Black heaven drape! Love you and love your style. Good luck with the giveaway!

D♥R said...

Love the velvet top,the skirt is awesome,the daisies.*.And your hair don ♥ Nice combination !

*I think I don't have to mention how awesome the creepers are..!

miss annie said...

I´m totally in love with your really individual style!


coolest man. the skirt and cropped velvet top are genius. I can't get enough of your creations. the bangs are looking good even if you sick of them.

Ellie said...

WHAT!? You cut your bangs yourself?! I just got a haircut and I'm pretty sure your self-done bangs at 3 am look 100x better than my "nyc salon" haircut. Looks awesome doll, loving this outfit as well. That lipstick is fantastic!


Mio said...

Man, this skirt is the shit!
In fact, the entire outfit it ♥ Really cool!

prophetlove said...

you are amazing. i love your skirt and hair.

prophetlove said...

and the bangs are a definite YES ♥

Isabel Spectre said...

awww I really like your bangs, they look so natural and cuuuute! When my hair grows out you know all I am gonna be wearing it is in panda ears. I love how they look so much, you look adorable with them tooooo!!! yayayay.
ps I am wearing the americana leggings RIGHT NOW!

masilace said...

you are awesome :)
i love everything about this! your bangs suit you veryy well!

Violetta E. said...

fuck yeah!

D♥LL said...

I love your style and this look... love love love.

I gonna follow your blog.

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

This is on of your best outfits!

Check out my blog!

Jason said...

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