Friday, August 5, 2011

With a Taste Of a Poison Paradise

I have been addicted to Yael Naim's version of Toxic originally by Britney Spears for the past few days. It's so good! Her goodness is overpowering.. It makes me just want to roll in a ball on the floor and nibble on my split ends while listening to her on repeat. I do not have problems, the song is just so damn powerful. Anyways, I apologize for not posting anything this week as I was incredibly busy at VidCon which lasted two days! It was held in Los Angeles and I snuck in as I did not have a ticket and I met all of my favorite YouTubers such as Kassem G, Timothy De La Ghetto, SwiftKarateChop, Mitchell Davis, Shane Dawson,  SimplySpoons, WtfFilmsFTW, Makemebad35, TotallySketch (Michael Gallagher), Cyr, and of course my ultimate favorite.. Onision/Greg :) <3 It was such a wonderful experience to get to meet all of my idols and comedians/actors. They are all so genuine and humble you forget they're famous! Here are a few photos I took with some, but I apologize for the terrible lighting in advance! I am not including all of them as some of them just came out super shitty. I was also out of town and left with my boyfriend to San Diego for the week after VidCon since he is also a YouTuber! Check him out here! I am probably going to be in some upcoming videos on his second channel as he is going to be visiting me in the next week. Anyyyyways, I promise I will continue posting every other day as I have been :) Hope you guys had an amazing week/day!

Tie dye bear shirt - Buffalo Exchange
Acid wash levi's jacket - Melrose Trading Post
Black high wasited levi's - DIY (I realized they were huge after this post so I altered them to fit better!)
Docs - eBay
Cross necklace - eBay
Egyptian necklace - Vintage
All rings - Vintage



D♥R said...

Pocky yum !

I like your levi's jacket !

You're cool

Krissy ~ said...

amazing top Larissa!
love Pocky's!
Krissy xoxo

Ria :) said...

i just love all the colours on your top, your blog is soo lovely to by the ways, i will be visiting it again very soon :)


Ratu Annisaa Suryasumirat said...

Your style is really cool! I like your round shades, they're awesome!

Rae said...

Cool blog, following u! Check out mine if you get a chance:

Isabel Spectre said...

aww you look super cute! I love that top! It is super lucky that you got to sneak into VidCon!! ahhhh! super jealous.. mostly I would have loved to see Michael Buckly from what the buck show..

sojourned in style said...

I never heard of these youtubers before and I just saw some kassem G videos and he has a way with spontaneous interviews, so funny. cool denim jacket and funky tee. those glasses are the best along with pocky of course.

Michelle's Style File said...

Your Levi's jacket is the best!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely outfit ♥

MarieAntoinette said...

Great <3

Elisabeth&Conrad said...

you're amazing , i love our otufit! visit our blog, xoxo, E.