Monday, August 8, 2011

My "Miracle Eye" Store Is Up!!!!!! ♥

Oh my god! So guys guess what?! My store is finally up! The brand is called Miracle Eye :) It's so nice. The store stocks really cool leggings, and one top at the moment. My mom has helped me these past few months in prepping all the products, designs, name, and all that jazz! Thanks Mom! I ♥ U! All of the items are available in one size only at the moment, but we'll be having more sizes available soon! I will be adding tons more things this week/month since I just set it up last night/this morning and took all the photos yesterday! It's all fresh like a delicious ripe plum. CSS sure is a pain in the ass and I've gotten literally 25 minutes of sleep. I can't believe this is finally happening! And so many people who underestimated me just because I'm 15.. *insert middle finger here*

Visit it here if you'd like -
And here is a 20% OFF coupon code JUST for you guys!! Enter VELVETCODE20 in checkout! But hurry as it expires in 2 weeks!

Here's a few photos from the store from the photoshoot yesterday! Have a wonderful day guys!
I should get some breakfast to make up for last night's dinner and this morning's breakfast considering it's almost 3 PM. Errr..



Patricia said...

Congratulations, doll !
This is really amazing, I love every single one of them :D

I will have to buy something from you in the near future :D

Anonymous said...

Loved your leggings ♥


vintage process said...

Great looks! I love it!

keschen said...

love your leggings, they are super awesome :) you hair is gorgeous too!

check out my giveaway for a Casio watch!


D♥R said...

You're so awesome! Love your power ! Congrats for your store ! I wish you all the Luck !

Sabrina said...

I absolutely love how hard you rock the printed bottoms.
I wouldn't have guessed that you're 15, by the way. More power to you for being so young & successful!


Calliforniaction. said...

fuckin' good:)

Back to Front said...

They are great!x

Isabel Spectre said...

congrats BIG TIME, girrrl!
<3 <3

Unknown said...

holy crap these are amazing! cant believe ur 15:)
love all these pictures!

Bartholomew said...

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