Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cigs, Sandwiches, and Conchos

tee - UNIF // jeans - thrifted // belt - DIY (similar coming soon to Miracle Eye) // harley boots - vintage // beanie - topshop // sunglasses - etsy

Something about this outfit makes me feel like I should be in a 1968 convertible Mustang with my partner in crime (possibly gang since the more the merrier always) with all the windows down going 100 mph on the freeway. All this whilst a playlist composed solely of five songs: Fireball by Deep Purple, Doo Doo Doo Doo by The Rolling Stones, I Only Said by My Bloody Valentine, Are You Happy by Iron Butterfly, and Metal Guru by T. Rex plays on repeat so loud that we can't even hear the air whipping noise from us driving so fast. Hell ja.


Anonymous said...

you're adorable

Claudi said...

Just amazing as always x

mafalda. said...

I love this look, you're amazing! <3

Taylor said...

Phenomenal as always! and if you ever go on the hair whipping road trip, I am tagging along ;)

Have an amazing day Larissa!


NADJA ☀ said...

Love this look! Your hair color is to die for, super pretty xx

Anonymous said...

you have freaking awesome style, I love your blog xx