Sunday, August 25, 2013

Locomotive Breath

Onyx Black Lace-Up Leggings - Miracle Eye // tee - flea market // hat - vintage // Lola Concho Choker - Miracle Eye // shoes - unif grail platforms // jewelry - all over the place

Lately, I've really been into treating my skin well, so in addition to splurging on some incredible products (cleanser, moisturizer, and the perfect night eye cream for tired eyes, not wrinkles) for my extremely oily skin, I've really fixed up my diet. I've been cooking meals for myself for the first time in my entire life. The whole shindig: rinsing my foods, peeling, boiling, cooking, and washing the silverware. Wowzers. But now I sound like some privileged gross brat that's been fed all her life by surrounding slaves, or something. No, instead I'd just order pizza or heat up frozen foods (meals) for myself and eat tons of snacks with a ridiculous amount of preservatives, so many it should be illegal.

This entire realization/change of heart with how I want to treat my body happened when I was on YouTube and watched an ad for this YouTube cooking channel. I don't watch the Food Network and I don't have the patience to listen to a person explain to me how much I should let my asparagus grill before it's get's too burnt for their taste. But this YouTube channel seems like it's made for me and my stupidly short attention span! They have a section on their channel dedicated to vegan meals you can prepare from scratch from home. These videos were the most appealing to me because I thought, well if I'm going to actually cook, I might as well do it the right way since my biggest frustration with turning vegan is the lack of foods readily available at the grocery store for me to heat up in my microwave because I'm too lazy for anything that requires more effort than pushing three buttons on a heat machine.

So after watching 9 cooking videos on this channel, the next day I found myself at the grocery store holding a $69 receipt in one hand and a shit-ton of groceries in the other.

I made a playlist with my favorite recipes on the channel that I plan on doing. You can see the playlist here. All ingredients and steps necessary are listed in the description for each video. These are seriously incredible and I absolutely recommend you hop on this bandwagon with me!

So far in the past two weeks, I have made:
- Delicious spicy mango lime kale chips (I changed the recipe by adding small cubical pieces of mango instead of using red pepper)
- Chocolate truffles
- An incredible kale smoothie that if taken in the morning will boost your energy quicker than any type of sugary energy drink
- Thai iced tea (not vegan because I added Lactaid milk)
- Apple cider (also not 100% vegan but 100% delicious)
- Fake chicken nuggets (bonus: no chicks were hurt in the process)

I already feel healthier (I don't give a shit if it's some type of placebo effect -- I feel damn good and that's all that matters especially if I'm knowingly throwing delicious nutritional food into my body), my pimples are clearing up little by little, I feel like I yawn way less these days, and I've felt happier.

Diet, man. That shit does wonders! PS this post was not sponsored at all by Tastemade. I just really want to encourage everyone to take a look at a video or two of theirs and straight-up tell me that they don't feel tempted to make one of their concoctions.


Anonymous said...

amazing <33

Shevah said...

baby giiiirllll


Caitlan Hammond said...

Okay I will watch some videos because I am trying to eat wayyyyyyy healthier because I have been battling break puts since I started high school and I think my diet plays a role in why I break out. I'm defz trying to eat more healthy and it totally does make you feel heaps better inside and out!
This outfit is so fab I can't even. Love the next lace up design gurl!

Severine Arend said...

In love with these leggings ! Glad to hear about your diet dude! that list of yummies sounds quite scrumptious, I wish I had the green thumb situation in the kitchen..Im so impatient when it comes to cooking, you'd cry.

Cupcake Couture said...

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Taylor said...

Keep doing your thang girl, because you are FIERCE!
I'm adoring these new designs you're pumping out of Miracle Eye! Lace up = life. And it's so nice to hear (read?) that you're feeling all these positive effects from healthy eating :)

AVY said...

Does vegan food cost that much? Love the leggings btw.


Anonymous said...

How easy are the grail platforms to walk in?