Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The future we've found, to stay here on higher ground

Hi guys! You can officially say (this is past due), that I'm obsessed with yin and yang.. Just look at my t-shirt dress, ha. I bought this baby off of Etsy, it's orange ombre hand-dyed and super soft. Ugh, I love it so much. Again, I apologize for the shit quality of these photos but I will admit that I am digging the 'soft' look these in particular have. My mom took these right before I went to bed (I look exhausted) since all day long I hadn't taken my camera and we were out from the morning till late at night. PS do you like my nails? I painted them to match this dress :)

Orange ombre yin & yang dress - Etsy
Green army jacket - vintage
Hologram yin and yang ring - Miracle Eye
Silver flatforms (Jeffrey Campbell knock offs that look ridiculously real) - $25 from eBay
Necklaces - mostly vintage
Recycled tea jar necklace - Giveaway from Isabel's blog a while back!
Knee high socks - eBay



weasel said...

This dress is amazing and your nails look awesome!

Laura. said...

Really like your dress and the shoes! great finds :)


dress is really the best :) and i fal in love with ur schoes :)
check out my blog :)

Lydia said...

Your nails are incredible.

You are the second blogger today I've had apologize for the quality of their perfectly-fine pics, and the third one I've had apologize for something I wouldn't even have otherwise noticed. I feel a trend coming on. I like the pics!!! What matters to me is what you're wearing-- this could be a webcam shot for all I care.

Paloma said...

Those shoes are perfect!! I love them.

Anonymous said...

cute look, your nails are so cute and love the knee high socks

Bang and Buck said...

great blog, love your style and accessories hon!


Bang & Buck

Anonymous said...

um, holy crap woman, YOUR NAILS... just a little bit awesome. You look sooooo cute!!! btw. I wish I looked good so tired. Oh and the necklaces, love them.

DawnieP said...

Your rockabilly teddy boy shoes are fabulous! That jacket looks fab with that outfit!


Laura said...

Your yin yang nails are so cool and i love all the layered necklaces! don't worry bout the photos, you look gorgeous. and i like the lighting too!

Maja said...

love your T-shirt :) xoxo

Anni said...

Those necklaces are so cool! And I totally love your shirt!

Panna Kazikowa said...

I love your shoes! <3

Isabel Spectre said...

gawwwd you are beautiful. I love your nails, you rock. I love your dress, you have the best taste in clothes. I love your shoes, woah dang you are the best. You have a gorgeous face, AYAYYAYAYAYAYAYYYYY!!!!! <333333333333333333333333333333333


that is so cute and omg i LOVE your nails!



silviasiantar said...

Hi babe!

Chanced upon your blog and enjoyed reading it. So inspirational. Following your blog too. Keep in touch okay.


Anonymous said...

haha Yin Yang obsessed! I <3. You're so cute hun and I dont think you look sleepy at all! Very moody (in the best sort of way for photographs but NOT sleepy :P ) Digging the ombre on the dress to death too! And the layering. Gah, just all sorts of lovely ^_^

Eeli x

Couture Noir said...

Love this look! <3

Jackie said...

That dress is awesome and I love your matching nails!

Fashiondacci Melbourne said...

everything are just sooo amazing!!!