Friday, January 6, 2012

Wake up, you're dead!

It is finally Friday, the best day of the week! My week consists of the following: fabric stores, the library, post office, thrift stores, and the craft store. That's it. Yep. Ya heard right! Larissa sure has a life! But I really do, because sometimes my friends accompany me. Or one friend in particular, Byron! He is da best and if you're reading this Byron (which you probably are), you sure are the best! Usually he's the one who's taken the outdoor photos of me like the ones in this post (aside from the Miracle Eye ones, those are by my mom or sister)! So with that being said, all of those things listed above take up my time during the day and I don't start heading home until late at night, soooo I apologize on my behalf (and Byron) for the shitty quality of these photos. I mean it was literally pitch black, you have no idea how much I had to screw around with curves on Photoshop, but avoided going to bright to the point where it would get all grainy and the colors fade then get all purple and I'm just blabbing on for no reason, blab blab blab. Blab.

Well anyways, hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Also, I got this super amazing yin yang necklace with this aura on the center piece! So perfect. Unfortunately from the photos that were taken, the close ups were complete crap, but I've included a gif of the necklace taken at home :)

Black chiffon dress - H&M
Acid wash jacket - vintage
Hologram yin yang necklace - Trade with a fellow Etsy seller
Knee highs - eBay
Black creepers - online

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Now that we're on the topic of yin and yang.. I made the shirt below two nights ago! New graphic t-shirts (like this one) coming soon to Miracle Eye as well as men's vintage! Yes, you heard right! MENS! Yeus. I've already got a model and some clothes. I just need the time to shoot him in it and we're all set. So excited, so please stay tuned!

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Sweet video montage I made of my usual days here Downtown, enjoy!


Live life glamorous said...

Like this shoes and how you combinate it with the socks!

Bee said...

I'm new on blogger.Love your blog!kaleidoscopic wardrobe, lol!

Anonymous said...

Wil watch the video l8errzz when I have more time. SCREW YOU AND YOUR ACCESSIBILITY TO H&M WOMAN! I miss that store T__T anyhoo. Awesome outfit as per usual, I'm slightly jealous. I've been working a lot latelay so I haven't been able to dress veray creativelay and as you may be able to witness it's making me go delriouslay insaaaaaaaaayne.

Lydia said...

I like the photos! Espesh the first one. The others have a cool light effect to them. Your week sounds pretty cool to me. Do you go to school?

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Hologram necklaces are genius :D

Fay Oberdorf said...

You look lovely!

sweet kisses and that you may have a wonderful 2012

I really hope you will check out my blog sometime, i would really appreciate it :]

Saila said...

The dress is sublime!

Also, currently drooling over that yin & yang necklace...

Isabel Spectre said...

goooosh! your outfit is nice, and I like the video from your dayyy! you have good music taste grrrl. I can't wait to see the new stuff on Miracle Eye!!

Violet E. said...

omg, you`re amazing <3

Jackie said...

I love your creepers!

I just bought some crazy sunglasses off your website! So excited about them! Loving you shop and blog! <3

Anonymous said...

Pooh what a pretty necklace. You are just an endless stream of really rad outfit, aren't you? I adore your denim jacket and I can't wait to see what's next for Miracle Eye!

Anonymous said...

I meant ooooh, not pooh...that's awkward...autocorrect...uh.

Katrina said...

Amazing necklace! Really liking how the black dress looks with the washes denim jacket - I always lack the ambition to pair black items of clothing with any other colored clothing apart from black.


Britt+Whit said...

love these photos! i really like the denim you added with the look!

love from San Francisco,

just tututiny said...

What a casual and chic outfit, looks great on you!

Hope you had a great New Year!

Strawberry Freckleface said...

You are the coolest entrepreneur eva'.