Monday, January 16, 2012

Psycho Sisters

Hey hey hey! Alright, so yesterday was my mom's birthday! Yay!!!! Mom, who happens to be my Miracle Eye parter, I love you! Seriously, thank you for putting up with my weird ass style, humor, and lifestyle.. You're the best. Aside from working for Miracle Eye and making every single amazing garment (aside from the turbans.. yours truly makes those, heh.), she also makes alterations for people upon request! Natalia, my cousin, was invited to the Golden Globes. For those of you who don't live in the US or just don't watch television in general (Go you! Television suxxx), it's an award ceremony where tons of attractive celebrities go and receive pointless awards for their terrible acting skills, rapping skills, shit like that. Natalia went to a thrift store and purchased this red-orange paisley, sequin filled skirt that literally fit her 10 sizes too big. It was huge, and I mean huuuuuge.. So of course, she brought it over, and my mom worked her magic on it and TA DA! It was turned into a flattering form-fitting dress. Incredible. I'll include a photo in this post of it, it's seriously crazy how she turned this really large, wide, and weird looking skirt into a breathtaking dress!

Also, what do you guys think of my new hair? Nice huh?

JK! GOTCHA! HA! HA HA! But in all seriousness, fellow blogger/soul-mate Isabel purchased the same wig I am wearing here and she is totally rockin' it. I'll include photos of her outfit as well. Ha, I think it's safe to say that REAL friends buy matching wigs. I mean, if you don't have matching wigs, you don't have anything, right? PS, we purchased the wig on eBay for like $15 or something. Are we winning? Wait, that was rhetorical, OF COURSE WE ARE! *chuckling slowly fading away while simultaneously turning you from a calm frog into a paranoid kangaroo..*

Plaid dress - thrifty
Skull studded detachable collarMiracle Eye
Black tardys by JC & leather jacket - mom's surprisingly desirable closet
Belt - hand me down


Mom and Dad, I love you guys SO much. Also, my mom was wearing a Miracle Eye skirt on her birthday! Wooohoo!!


This is the dress I spoke about in the above paragraph! God, my mom is so talented and my cousin is gooooorgeous.


Lastly, here is my homegirl Isabel wearing the same wig I am! We kind of purchased them at the same time online, it was like an online shopping spree that gals do together, because you know how normal people totally do that. I love this girl to death, seriously. Go check out her blog because if you like my style, you will DEFINITELY love hers. Her shirt, her socks, gimmmee! PS did I mention that she has a really weird obsession rappers who happen to be male, in their late-30's, and Latino? She likes Daddy Yankee and Sean Paul (I think he's Spanish.. not sure, but who cares!). But she LOVES Pitbull. She's got quite the music taste..



Isabel Spectre said...

hahahahaha I love you. so much. <3


Schy said...

love your new hair !

Luisa T. said...

loved the wig!
Happy birthday to your mummy!

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weasel said...

The wig looks fantastic, love it!

Violet E. said...

i love your hair

Izumihiiiflower said...

You are amazing with blue hair <3 I love blue! My last outfit is blue!

Strawberry Freckleface said...

You look so good with blue hair. Like, seriously. And the ripped up tights and the beanie? Love. Your mom is adorable!

Daniel said...

kjaspjauzioshOSIHYp You look so damn rad cool ! You're one bad ass teenager ! Your mother is FABULOUS,her smile is contagious,she is 100% sure rocking your miracle eye skirt,her hands make wonders (talented) + she gave birth to amazing YOu! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your mom !!! I love Isabel's t-shirt !

Daniel said...

*the ✞ The House of Mary ✞ blancket is awesome !

Frilly Socks And Docs said...

Gorgeous collar! you're mums skirt is amazing! You really rock the turquoise hair ! xx

Jen said...

the wig looks wicked on you.

J x

Hazel said...

That wig is way cool.

I see a lot of cool wigs like that at comic conventions, but I never have the cash to get a really nice one.

They cater to a lot of anime cosplayers, so there are as ton of options. And, surprisingly, a lot of them have a nice soft color like yours.

Totally looking forward to Mega Con so I can get my hands on one too!


Jackie said...

Your wig is awesome! Happy bday to your gorgeous mama! xo

Anonymous said...

Looove this look!!! HA, dude, I TOTALLY THOUGHT THE HAIR WAS REAL. Shit, I have like 6 wigs, one kind of similar to this but slightly more sky blue. They're so awesome and all of mine are from ebay for about 16 dollars too. Aw, your mum is so talented indeed. You're so lucky, I wish I had someone who could make me clothes!

alix said...

you both look great in your wigs! By the way I tagged you in my last post to do a new years survey, you can see what you have to do in that post if you like.

Lydia said...

I love that wig!! I need one. It totally looks like your real hair. And your mom is awesome! I love her sheer skirt and OMG I can't believe what she did with that sequin dress. Bad-ass.

Ale Suaza said...

Me encanta tu pelo!
Una pregunta eres Colombiana? :D
Im following!

ps said...

Ur hair looks wow

WOLF359 said...

I love that shirt you're wearing here! Really nice outfit all together!

chloe said...

ha, mum really rocks the sheer skirt eh?

love the blue hair on you and im so happy i discovered your shop! x