Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Fourth Dimension

Hi! Hope you all had had a great weekend! This outfit was a lot of fun, because you know how outfits can be actually be 'fun'! So many new products coming soon to the shop, I can't wait to show them all to you. Glitter leggings, snakeskin shorties and bell bottoms, and lots of vintage! I have been keeping myself busy these past few days by going to the library nearly everyday. I have also been working on all the homework I was assigned from my dumb teachers, going out and exploring Los Angeles with my friends (we filmed a lot of it, and I can't wait to make a video including all the clips!), and of course Miracle Eye! Oh and I've also been out of town a few times. I'll be out of town for a week starting in January to go visit a few friends of mine outside of Los Angeles, but still in California! This including an ex-boyfriend of mine, ha! Let the good times roll :~)

But on a serious note, I am soo so siked to see them. You know when you hit rock-bottom, or so you think, you start to re-connect with old friends and re-kindle old 'crushes' ? All that good stuff? I've re-vived friendships with people who I haven't spoken to in ages, most of these revivals occurring coincidentally on the first day of Winter break! The following week we just met up, went to places, each other's houses, it's really great. The end of something is just the beginning to something better!

Have a wonderful day!

Dress - $10 from H&M
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell (got them for $130!!)
Rosary - Miracle Eye 
Bindi - eBay



Anonymous said...

Hi Larissa, thank you for the huge comment you left on my blog haha, it was very, VERY nice of you. I appreciated it dear. I agree, you should focus on your business. I wish I had an online store!!!!! I have so many designs that I think would sell well but I have not one clue where to begin. Haha, sure you can be my best friend, not like anyone else is really taking that spot right now.

Aaah, I used to also HATE my ethnicity, I'd be embarrassed to tell people my background was greek, now it's not as bad.

Moving on. Love this outfit.. that dress is so freaking cool. I miss H&M, I hate the fact that they don't have an online store posting to Australia. Bitchez. Oh and you're totally rocking those jeffrey campbells. Nice work young girl, I love your blog too... which is why you are linked on my site :)

hami said...

OMG I'M SO JELLY ABOUT UR SHOES!!! :o an you look super beautiful<3

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

I love that dress!! I ordered one about two months ago and H&M still haven't sent it :(, am extra excited to get it now! The sleeves are too amazing.

Isabel Spectre said...

Your dress is sooo great! wowww. the sleeves are amazing, and of course those shoes...ermmm PERFECTION. Also, I am loving the bindi! I am planning on buying some stuffz from Miracle Eye but now I think I will wait to see if I should also get some of the newer items!! eeee.

good luck rekindling old friendships <3

Charmaine Cowland said...

those shoes, i need them in my life!


Plurielle said...

Yeah!!! Great outfit! Those black and white JC shoes def rock! By the way, I got the same dress from H&M. I like it so much too , it's like we are angels ;)

Laura said...

Argh can't believe the dress was $10!!! love the bat wing sleeves! boots also rock!

Zoe said...

I love this post and your blog in general! Your Jeffrey Campbells are fantastic, and you're totally rocking that Bendi dot!

Ellen H. said...

Love the john lennon-esque vibe of the sunglasses. Plus cape detailing on a dress = always amazing.


Panda said...

YOU LOOK AMAZING! Like some gothic vamped up princess or something, very very very cool. In love with the creeper platforms, but that dress is only $10?! must go pick it up from H&M as soon as possible. Love your blog - following you now x

want more fashion said...

woooooow i love your hair !

Chimdi said...

That dress is absolutely spectacular!

Clara Turbay said...

Great post.
Happy New year!


Luisa T. said...

This dress is just fantastic! And the JC shoes are perfect!
Just found your blog, loving it! I'm following for sure!


Jen said...

your dress is AMAZE and love you styled it with those great JC wedges.

J x

armileen said...

omg these shoes are amazing, and i love how you paired it with that bat winged dress is amazing. just all, amazing.


Saila said...

This is superb! Those shoes are brilliant.