Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I follow you deep sea baby

These pictures are actually about a month old.. Don't know why I never got to posting them. I have been listening to a lot of Lykke Li recently, her Wounded Rhymes album has been literally the soundtrack to my life for the past week! She and the band 'The Bravery' are both two that I'd kill to see live and maybe get to meet and greet. I will be posting a lot more frequently now that I am on winter break guys!! - *crowd boos* - No please don't reject me! :')

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Shorts - DIY (Sold on Miracle Eye a while back)
Cockroach hair clip - $3.80 from Miracle Eye
Black crochet kimono - yard sale
Blue blouse and black leather backpack - from my local thrifty
Velvet choker - Etsy
Black creepers - online



Lydia said...

Those shorts are bad-ass.

Anonymous said...

Just found you yesterday Via Etsy!!
You are one talented young Lady, keep up the amazing work!! Peace xo



.sabo skirt. said...

Fantastic look! We love it... The short was really cute!

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b.outlandish said...

oh, you're shorts bring it on!
Ever think of doing a DIY post or video?

alix said...

your shorts are class, I might try this? also do you know what etsy shop your choker is from? my friend wants one like that.

Violet E. said...

u`re amazing <3

Laura said...

your outfits are always perfect!

Izumihiiiflower said...

Thank you so much!<3
I love your short!!

Anonymous said...