Thursday, December 22, 2011

The world is on fire while she fixes her hair

Hello! Look at me! Posting two days after my last post. I like this. Do you like this?
This outfit was sooooooo comfortable oh god. I could sleep in it!! Pendleton wool jacket is from Miracle Eye and the skull and spikes necklace is also from Miracle Eye! It will be added to the shop soon. I have been living off of red velvet cupcakes for the past few days.. When you have parents who purchase a 20-pack of these cupcakes every two weeks you have no choice really. It's like a punishment, that makes my taste buds tingle? I went to visit my mom at work a few days ago for the first time and met her co-workers. This was pretty much everything summed up:

*walk Larissa, just ignore them and continue to your mom's spot.. Ignore them ignore them*
Co-workers: Gloria!!!!!! IS that your daughter??????????!!
Mom: Yes! Larissa go introduce yourself!
*why is my life so..*
Me: Hey! Hello! *awkward squirm*
Co-workers: Hi my name is *insert eccentric name, ex: Catarinay or Equala*
Me: I'm Larissa! Okay well nice meeting you! Goodbye! *more awkward squirming*

Mom arrives later that night. Tells me all her co-workers think I am ~model-material~ then later find out I am a model. They are impressed. Later find out I model for my own brand. *mind-fucked* My mom tells me she is proud of having a daughter like me. Yeah mom. I bet your proud of my impressive squirming.
Because I love you all so dearly, the last photo on this post is a picture of my infamous *awkard squirm*. Now just add a weird as hell squeal similar to Pikachu's. Yeah. TOTALLY MODEL-MATERIAL.

Have a guh-reat day-o y'all!

Vintage Pendleton wool jacket - Miracle Eye
Skeleton socks - online
Eagle tank - from my local thrifty, then altered to a more fitting tank
Shorts - thrifty
Skulls and spikes necklace - coming soon to Miracle Eye!
Black creepers - online



I am the epitome of cool.


Strawberry Freckleface said...

Seriously. Epitome of cool to the max. I love this Larissa-in-a-headband look. YES.

Isabel Spectre said...

gawwwd youre the best. seriously, this outfit is mind blowing me. If you were my daughter I would be proud of you too hahaha but I am proud enough as your friend. You are so great. hjjkdsfnkldf;gjfkoglkslgjfsmd <33333333333

and yes, you are the epitome of cool.

adireg said...

nice outfit

Izumihiiiflower said...

I want your t shirt <3

Dayzee said...

where exactly did you get the skeleton socks? they are amazing
nice outfit!the coat is great

Danielle Villano said...

You're gorgeous! Love the socks.


Lydia said...

The frosting on that cupcake is so perfect. And I love your bones knee-socks!!

Meeting mother's coworkers is always the worst!! I totally have this same experience.

Charlie said...

Hahaha amazing, that's exactly my kind of face X3

Severine said...

That last shot, priceless. Hand over the cupcake now and no one will get hurt. btw, those skeleton knee highs are the cats meow, and im super jealous you can still dress this summery in shorts w/out freezing your proverbial balls off !

Rachel Louisa. said...

Absolute epitome of cool!
In all seriousness, that outfit is sweet.

Mystic Lipstick said...

Nice Pics !
you really have a lovely blog!

¡Merry Christmas!

RA said...

:******** thx!hohoho, merry christmas, heh :D

naomuack said...

omg i love your fashion style !!!!!!!!!!! :D
maybe you like my art style ♡ i hope so !!

naomuack xxx

Violet E. said...

hell yeah! said...

rewelacyjny blog, rewelacyjna stylizacja!!

amazing blog, sensational styling!

adireg said...

Merry christmas :)

Chantal said...

Amazing outfit!
I love your blog, I am following you now.

Anonymous said...

You're not my daughter, but I am still proud of you.I've basically been living off candy, too. Theres so much of it in my house. I love that coat! You rock rock rock. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/whatever you celebrate!

Dylana Suarez said...

I want/need your creepers!


Plurielle said...

Wow u're skeleton high socks are really cool!!! Where are they from please?