Friday, December 30, 2011

You messed up my mental health

These pictures are old as hell, but I was cleaning up my computer and I wanted to put this outfit up! I haven't taken any outfit pictures too recently as I've had no one to take them and the roof top where I used to take them myself is now off limits because my manager is a complete buzz kill. These pictures were taken before I cut my dress a little bit shorter causing all the pretty daisies at the bottom to be gone.. Oh well. It was way too long, I don't know why I kept it at it's original length for so long (as seen in these photos) since I usually alter most of the clothes I thrift and keep for myself. Anyways, hope you all have a wonderful weekend! PS I've been using my Tumblr, here, a lot more the past two weeks or so. I had it abandoned for so long, I would literally check it maybe once a month. Now I'm on it every day for at least an hour, ha. I have been listening to Lily Allen for the past three days straight. Can I just say that I may be considering dating the opposite sex now because of her? (Just kidding, I would only date my female bunny and well maybe her, but no one else, heh.) She is not afraid to speak her mind, she's balsy as heck, conceived with an angelic voice, who wouldn't want to marry her?

Dress - $3 from my local thrifty
Burgundy knit vest - $3 from my local thrifty
Black leather backpack - $5 from a thrifty
Docs - vintage
Skull sunglasses - $4 from eBay
Jewelry and belt - vintage



Lydia said...

I love your ahnk necklace!! And that sweater vest looks really cute with this dress. And I wore Docs today!!! And your ombre hair looks cool!! Exclamation points!!!

Alonso and Yesica said...

i like your blog, its so nice!C:
I started a blog with my girlfriend
and i hope you can check it and if you like it follow us!n,n

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean...there are so many females I would marry. I actually really like the length of that dress. It looks great with the socks and docs. That's really shit that the roof top is off limits now. Blah. Anyways, I hope you have a happy new year and I wish you all of the best in 2012!

Rachel Louisa. said...

That dress is so cute. And I seriously need to invest in a pair of docs.

All the best for 2012! :)

Violet E. said...


Daniel said...

Happy new year! Do you know Larissa I still have this envelope with me with a t-shirt inside and some other things and I have never fucking sent it to you ! This looks like a lie but oh my not! yOU'RE gonna have your late birthday present in 2012 for sure January and nothing more! PROMISE ! *love the sunnies *Love the daisys *"I want to be rich and I want lots of money
I don't care about clever I don't care about funny
I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds
I heard people die while they are trying to find me" Lily Allen forever !
*In 2012 I want to go to LA. (etc..) We are meeting who knows!) BIG KISS

Daniel said...

*+ I also have a rabbit (BlanCket) is name,his grey and I've never showned it in the blog . I should be ashamed of my self. Cause it's litereally the cuttest thing ever !!! ♥

Daniel said...

*on the blog
*and it's not should it's actually I'm

Anonymous said...

loooooove your blog!!!
happy new year

mouse said...

those glassesss

Daniel said...


chloe said...

i love lily allen too, always did and i think i always will :)
dude, i can't believe you're 15, when i was 15 i was all geeky and nerdy and completely uncool, hehe. im really loving your style, those skeleton stockings a few posts ago are just awesome! xxx

Constance Murphy said...

Love your sunglasses! Happy new year hun!

Anonymous said...

I actually like the length of the dress in this outfit, but I know what you mean, I have to have all my dresses quite short too. I just feel like it makes me look slightly taller and may as well rock the mini length while I'm still kind of young. Happy new year Larissa, btw you are just too funny dude, I love the comments you leave on my blog. Very entertaining hahaha xD

Izumihiiiflower said...

Your dress si so cuute!

Joyce said...

love this look :D i remember listening to lily allen a lot a few years ago. just recently started listening to her stuff again :D tumblr is such an addiction for me's easy for time to past by while surfing on that site. cool blog~ keep in touch <33


Frilly Socks And Docs said...

I've just come across your blog and I love it! Especially these outfit posts definitely followed!

Laura. said...

Love your blog :)

I'm really into the grunge trend so this is right up my street !

Hazel said...

Super glad I found your blog!
I thought it was notable that we both share "velvet" in our blog web addresses.

Anyway, totally in love with those glasses. Ugh, I really need a pair.

stay rad!


You're so cute <3

Abbys-World-Closet said...

i love your boots and your glasses <3